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Nested Pointer is a Tech start-up, primarily focusing on research and development of software solutions like ERP, Accounting, Inventory Solution, Process Automation Systems and Web Solutions tailored for special needs.

Our approach is a hybrid of generic product development and customised services to our client. We establish integrated partnership with our clients across domains for collaboration in planning and development of solutions which work as a streamlined system.

On tech front we excel in deployment of Linux servers for unified computing and networking requirements, Virtualized servers for isolated turn-key needs, distributed applications running on private clouds. We use bleeding edge technologies such MongoDB, NodeJs along with safe and sound base of Ubuntu, Apache, php and MySQL.


Software Development

Our Software Lab aims to provide a comprehensive outsourced software development, maintenance and support solution for various segments of industry. We create long term software delivery capacity by way of standard processes, quality software, solid infrastructure, domain knowledge and best practices. As your core or extended software engineering partner, we deliver real and tangible value through following services :

  • Software Ideation & Design
  • Development & Deployment Assistance
  • User Documentation and Training
  • Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Quality Assurance and Testing

Training And Education  

Training is not really our business, it's a passion. We have worked hard to learn about technology from various sources. Most of which were open in nature but difficult to reach. We believe that the best way to express gratitude to our mentors and anonymous teachers is to share the knowledge across the board and make it easy to find and acquire for everyone.
For Corporates we offer various technology training solutions to fit our clients needs. Our training services can accelerate measurable business impact from our client's investments in learning and educations.
For students, young engineers and individuals we provide internship and weekend training classes. Our training course along side internship is not just a tution, its engagement with real code, cool systems and exciting projects. Its anything which makes you pour a cup of coffee and start hacking.

See us at work

There are a lot of gum wrappers, empty pizza boxes and coffee mugs lying around in our office. But these are not the only things which we finish at the end of the day. Even though we work on countless projects for which development never ends because we keep on supporting our clients. With this toil, work and vast knowledge of our clients two projects have graduated from our lab to become standalone Industry standard products.We take very great pride along with a humble gratitude in supporting Nested Vidya and Nested Vyapar.
Nested Vidya is a School Automation System that integrates all the computing and information management requirements of a school or a group of schools. It can work over Internet or local network. In case of multi-school organizations, Nested Vidya can run as a distributed app running on servers of each school delivering speed and value to local users and integrating with other schools over Internet. Current features of Nested Vidya includes a User and Access management with a group based privilege system, Fees, Accounts, Exams, Class, and Employee Management.
Nested Vyapar is a web-based accounting and inventory system to automate business organizations, which is build on principles of Modern Accounting system and compatibility with Indian Accounting System. Nested Vyapar can be accessed from Internet and thus provide the service on the move from any device or place.

Nested Vidya

Nested Vyapar

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